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The Turns Department is similar to our renovations department in terms of operations, but differs when it comes to the scope of the job.  Turns Department jobs are focused on small to medium sized job that do not require permitting or major renovation.  This is usually means aesthetic changes to make an old property shine and allow it to rent/ sell for top dollar.  The majority of the work in the Turns Department include painting, flooring repair/ replacement, deep cleaning, handyman work, minor plumbing and electrical, and anything else needed to get a property in top shape.

Turns between Tenants

The majority of properties in the Turns Department are turns between tenants.  When a tenant moves out, ProServe will inspect the property and build an itemized estimate with our suggestions of what work needs to be completed to get the property ready to re-rent or to sell.  This estimate could be as simple as a thorough cleaning, or could include multiple trades that need to get in and out of the property to bring it back to it’s best state.  Before we assess a property, we will want to know your plan with the property and if you are intending to increase rent for the next tenant.  This will go into our assessment to make sure we upgrade anything necessary to maximize your return on investment.

Initial Turns

When our investors purchase properties, our turns department will complete an “Initial” turn on the property to get it rent/ sale ready.  These properties can be a grey line between our two department depending what is is required for the property, but that is not a problem.  If we assess a property and realize the initial scope is larger than what the turns department usually handles, we will seamlessly bring that project over to the renovations department.  The goal is to get our clients the best price, quality, and turnaround speed.


For more information about how we can service you, please contact our Head of Turns Department:

Jared Flowe

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