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ProServe Home Solutions – Home of the $75 Service Call!

ProServe Home Solutions is ready to react to any need a property may have. To expedite this, we have a service call form that you can fill out by clicking here:

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How It Works and Pricing

Our $75 Service Call is the cheapest around. The $75 fee covers the service call trip and assessment of any and all issues with the property. Once the issue has been assessed, our service tech will complete the work in a timely manner.  After the initial assessment, our labor charge is $60 per hour.

Our Service Tech will have the basics needed to fix most items on our truck and the cost of these materials will be added onto the final invoice. If the Service Tech needs to run to a hardware store to pick up materials, we will add the materials cost onto your final invoice with a 15% mark up for the additional trip costs. If the issue is larger than a basic service call (for instance – if your hot water heater needs to be replaced), our Service Tech will stop immediately, and contact whoever is in charge of making the financial decisions for the property and inform them of the needed additional costs.

At this point, the service call is finished and this job turns into a “Bid” where we have a quoted price to complete work. The person in charge of the financial decisions can at this point choose to use ProServe or can opt to use another company. All they will owe is the cost of the Service Call as well as any additional costs incurred during the service call.

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