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Do you or your company invest in rental properties or manage properties for homeowners or investors?

If so, please contact us about using ProServe as the maintenance division of your company. Let us show you how you can make money off of us while lowering your headache and responsibilities at your properties. Let us take the constant renovation needs off your plate by being your go-to company for any work needed on your property.  Our systematic process of turning a property between tenants concentrates on speed, low cost, and assessing the property to get the maximum value for the minimum investment in the property.  ProServe is highly trained to assess properties after a tenant moves out to get the property back into rent-ready shape.  We also work with investors after the front end acquisition of a property to optimize the property for a buy and hold strategy and converting the purchased property into a rental.

Every situation is different, so please contact
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to discuss how we can help you grow.

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