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Rental Move Outs

This service is designed around the needs of property management companies, landlords, and anyone in charge of a rental property. ProServe has a 60-point checklist where we assess a property the day your tenant moves out to note any damages and to make sure the property is ready for the next tenant to move in. We usually take between 80 and 100 photos of the property to document the condition as well as any items we find that need to be fixed.

If work is needed on the property to make it “rent ready”, we will also include a Turn Bid for all of the items we have assessed as needing attention. All issues are itemized and priced separately so you know what you are paying for and can pick and choose which items are important to you. If there is any work needed on your property, ProServe can usually complete work within 48 hours of you greenlighting the work needed. This allows you to get another tenant into the property immediately – putting more money in your pocket!

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround with a focus on a quality finish on your property!

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