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Renovations Department

With ProServe’s large team of handymen, painters, flooring installers, electricians, plumbers, cleaners, and most any other trade, we can handle any level of renovations needed. We work hand in hand with investors and property owners who need larger scale renovations.

Fix and Flip Properties

ProServe works with many investors who are looking to buy, renovate, and sell properties for profit.  ProServe specializes in creating scopes of work to maximize an investors return on investment. We itemize all items in the scope so you can see what you are paying for as well as a detailed description of what we are doing in the property.  We work with investors to figure out the upgrades and improvements on their property that are needed to maximize sale price.

Buy and Hold Properties

ProServe services many investors who are building their rental portfolio.  We will assess properties for the investor and build a scope to get the house rent ready.  This scope is effected by the comparable rentals in the area along with the target rental price the investor is aiming to reach.  Our estimators are specialized in minimizing costs while still creating a rental property that will draw in potential renters and create a long term investment.


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